Give an Hour

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Although we don’t have a Foundation, the WSBA has historically maintained a scholarship fund and held an annual event to raise funds to support it . Last year, instead of a scholarship, the WSBA made a generous contribution to Autism Speaks, a charity selected by our president, Hon. Gregory Paul Vazquez.
In an effort to increase the financial base of the charitable arm of the WSBA, this year we are asking that members consider contributing to the fund the equivalent of one hour of their annual salary or the equivalent of the fee charged for one hour of consultation.


We recognize that some of our members work for government or other publicly funded agencies and that these members do not receive the remuneration that approaches the income that other of our members receive. Any contribution to the charitable fund is appreciated.


For salaried persons, one hour represents about 1/2000th of annual income. For those who receive consulting fees, please consider contributing an amount consistent with one hour (or more) of what you charge for consultation.
Thank you for your support and commitment.

Sandra Blake

WSBA President